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Wireless Doorbells

Know right
when guests
are at your door.  

Crystal-clear sound
Large audible range
Weather resistant
Visual Alerts
Adjustable Volume
QH-885Z2 Wireless Kinetic Doorbell
Sold out
  • Plug-in chime
  • Self-powered push button
  • 328 ft. of operating range
  • <85dB,6 volume levels
  • Waterproof (IP44) push
QH-866 AC Wireless Doorbell
Sold out
  • Plug-in chime with visual alert
  • Battery-powered push button
  • 1000 ft. of operating range
  • <80dB,6 volume levels
  • Waterproof (IP44) push
QH-866 A Wireless Doorbell
Sold out
  • Battery-powered chime & button
  • Visual alert
  • 1000 ft. of operating range
  • <80dB,6 volume levels
  • Waterproof (IP44) push

Sound System

Hear every ring
at your door.

Crystal-clear sound, whole-home coverage.

Designed with a digital-advanced sound system to make sure you can hear every ring easily. Full audio coverage, with up to 80dB adjustable volume that covers 80 meters of range, its incredibly clear sound can be heard from every parts of the house, regardless of garden or upstairs. Once pushed, instantly heard.

Up to


Up to

of audible range

Up to

of operating range

Sound System

Small in size,
Rich in tunes.  

Loud or gentle, at your disposal.

Say goodbye to old, annoying doorbell chimes. Listed with 36 ultra-clear tunes you can change out at any time, from classic to gentler alerts that are easy to match any vibe of your home. With up to 6 volume levels, you can boost the sound anytime you are having a party or turn it down when family need a nap throughout the day.

ultra-clear tunes

volume levels

Visual Alerts

Designed to be heard and seen.

Shaped with clean lines and subtle curves that can talk to almost any other style. Paired with visual alerts, the bright LED will alert you to any visitors too, perfect for anytime you don’t want to have the doorbell too loud.

Kinetic Technology

We even eliminate the need
for wired or battery power.

Powered by kinetic technology, each time the button is pushed, a piezoelectric generator within will instantly send the signal to the chime. No battery or wiring needed. The self-powered, weather-resistant push button can withstand up to 100,000 times of press , totally reliable for years of use with the least maintenance.

Up to

press lifetime

Up to

of transmitting distance

Easy set up in minutes.

No wire, no fuss.

Powered by battery or simply plug it in. With no wiring required, you can set up on any access point to your home or office.

Everything you need is in the box.

Comes with screws and adhesive tape, even the coin battery, all the tools you need, so you can easily have the device set-up within minutes.

Pair up in seconds.

 Simply press the code button then the push button to pair up in seconds. Works with up to 4 push buttons for different entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know.  

Do Tilvision’s wireless doorbells need WiFi?  

Our wireless doorbells don't require WiFi as they pair with the receiver via radio frequency. You can simply press the auto-learning code button then the push button to pair up easily.

Are Tilvision’s wireless doorbells waterproof?

Yes. Since they're designed to be used outside in various of weather conditions, our wireless doorbells are weatherproof. This means they can be used outside during rain or snow and won't be ruined by water corrupting the device.

Can I use multiple pushbuttons with a single wireless doorbell?

Yes. Our wireless doorbell allows you to put multiple pushbuttons around the property at every entrance, can work with up to 4 pushbuttons at the same time.

Wireless Kinetic Doorbell QH-885Z2


Wireless Doorbell QH-866